Unisex Smart Wallet With PowerBank


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E-Charge Wallet Power Bank carries your essential cards and cash, and charge your smartphone on the go. Your credit card information is safe inside. This Wallet Power Bank boasts a sleek design that is lightweight and easily fits into pockets, purses, and more. Its internal accordion design makes accessing your cash and credit cards easy. The unisex design makes it the perfect wallet for anyone. Eliminates having to carry a portable phone charger. When your phone needs charging, simply plug it into your wallet! This Unisex Wallet Power Bank is the ultimate wallet that charges your phone. E-Charge Wallet Power Bank which is exclusively available here is a wallet that lets you charge electronic devices like smartphones while you are on the go. You no longer have to worry about a low battery life when stranded on a dark road or when out on a hike. When you open up the wallet you will see a high-capacity battery. This battery links to a USB cord which links to your phone no matter what type of phone you have on you.
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