3d Door Logo Led Light For Cars


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This welcome light is positioned in the lower surface of the front doors. When the door is opened, the dazzling LOGO is illuminated on the surface of the open door to provide light for easy entry and exit of the vehicle. When you close the door, the LOGO light disappears.
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This product is wireless specially designed for the amateur automatic modification and it will not destroy the appearance of the original car, will bring more driving pleasure

The dazzling logo and the light signal will be displayed on the floor when you open the door and turn off when you close the door

3D laser light of the illuminated entrance system

At night to open doors, projection design can give others warnings, avoid accidents.

It can be installed in both left and right doors. Courtesy door light make your car artist more ambiance

Automotive lighting decoration, enjoyable light visual experience, enhance the quality of the car


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