High Power Tyre pump


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A compact portable compressor. Just in 2 - 3 minutes, the normal size tires can be inflated. It's also ideal for inflating boating and sports equipment, and other light-weight activities. It can be powered by your vehicle's 12-Volt power port/Cigarette. You can see the pressure on the gauge mounted on top of the unit. 9 feet power cord to help reach around the vehicle. 4 integrated LED emergency lights for outdoor or night use. Have one on your car against unexpected needs
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. Key Feature:

1.The compressor exerts wide ranges of use, such as tire of vehicle,auto engines and bicycle, loudness boats.etc.
2.It is good for the emergency needs when you are on highway and countryside road or rush for office on the morning while the tire low pressure.
3.Convenience to put it in trunk of car and not occupy and space.
4.The appropriate tire pressure not only save gas but also ensure the safety of driving.
The way of use
Step by step according to the following instruction.
1.Plug power cord into cigarette lighter receptacle of vehicle.
2.Start up the engine and turn on the switch.
3.Push connector of the compressor toward value turn of the tire.
4.The gauge with indicate the pressure of the tire.When the gauges indicate appropriate tire pressure, usally 30-40 PSI,stop engine.Unplug power cord and remove the connector from value stem.


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